3D body scanner Body-ScanFit®: anthropometric classification system

» Body-ScanFit®

Body-ScanFit® is based on the first real portable and non intrusive body scanner that fits inside a standard dimensions suitcase. It’s easy to set up and user-friendly: Body-ScanFit® can be used also by non technicians.

Through just 4 seconds scanning it assures precision and accuracy, providing useful data that can be used for several applications.
Body-ScanFit® is an Anthropometric Classification System that comprehends:

  • A unique portable 3D body scanner
  • A software for measurement extraction
  • A software for anthropometric classification, the FX-FIT, that highlights the fitting needs of any scanned body and classifies it into the proper body shape

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» Fields of Application

These are few of the several fields of application: Read article »
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