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Apparel fit mannequin, Dress form with fully moveable joints, 3D Body Scanner, Cad Modelling Ergonomics is the FIT SOLUTION world leader, creating real anthropometric body form for fitting test, quality control purposes and laboratory test.

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The Importance of Body Shape

20 September 2012
Since 2005 Cad Modelling Ergonomics is the party expert of the working group TC248 at CEN on Norm EN 13402 "Size Designation of Clothes" representing the Italian official position. 
Thanks to the continuous monitoring of European demographic changes by 3D portable body scanner and Fx-FIT software for the identification of the correct body shape, Cad Modelling Ergonomics is the leading expert in the field. 
No one like Cad Modelling Ergonomics, constantly conducting anthropometric surveys along the Italian territory, knows as the Italians have changed. Leggi qua l'articolo

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